Culinary Experience

Looking for a culinary experience that is unlike any other? Check out our experience at the Blue Bear Inn. We offer a true chef's table experience. Learn more about what makes our experience unique and why you should add it into your plans when you stay at the Blue Bear Inn.

Currently Winslow Tavern is open Friday's and Saturdays at 5:00 PM.

Learn Something New

When you try our culinary experience, you get a farm-to-table menu that sources local ingredients. Furthermore, you'll get a palette-enriching outing that features unique offerings that will excite and awe. This includes special evenings that are centered around certain dietary selections. Experience the best of the culinary world right at your table when you visit the Blue Bear Inn.

Our culinary experience allows you into the owner's quarters, which are completely renovated. This private room is an intimate space perfect for small gatherings. While in this private space, you'll get to spend some time with the chef to better understand how the menu came to be and the actual way in which the chef prepared the food. Don't miss out on this experience when you visit the Blue Bear Inn.

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